Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Seniors Facility

With the pending applications for urban intensification, especially for seniors wishing to live out their final years in the urban, downtown core, and given that the community has already invested highly in the downtown area with the the theatre and River Mill Park I would like to see consideration given to the development of a seniors centre incorporating both Club 55 and the Centennial Seniors into a new Seniors Centre that would provide services specifically meeting their needs. Further to that I think the 'proposed condo-land' in the River Mill Park area should instead be considered as the location of a new senior centre. There is available parking, close to the water front making it a lovely spot to congregate.Our neighbour to the south, Gravenhurst has already recognized this need and have provided an excellant facility for their seniors. Huntsville has been recognized as being generally ahead of the pack province wide and a leader in senior activity. We need to keep that pace.
Mike GreavesBrunel Ward Councilor

Huntsville Sports Facility Needs

During the last municipal election, the Huntsville Sports Community expressed the need for a number of additional sports facilities in our Town. This is an opportunity for those groups and organizations to have their voices heard by Council as well as the community.
Councillor George Young is the author of this post.

Architectural Board of Review

Given the keen interest in the appearance of our community and the previous work done on design guidelines for the Town of Huntsville, should a committee be struck to come up with more definitive guidelines for buildings and site works in our community?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

You Decide

  • If you were the Mayor with a magic wand, what would you like Huntsville to be like in 20-30 years time? Please provide examples of other Towns.
  • What would you like the priorities to be for the Town over the next 3-5 years?

Comparison to Other Municipalities

  • Do you know of other municipalities that are doing some really interesting things that we should consider doing?
  • What are you most proud of about Huntsville and how can we take it to the next level?

Residents' Needs

  • As the needs of residents change - what do you see as the needs we will need most to meet in the next 5 years?
  • Are there visitors to Huntsville for reasons we don't normally think of that could open our eyes to new ideas?

Attracting Visitors to Huntsville

  • What do ou think is the one thing we could change that would bring more visitors to Huntsville?

Historical and Cultural Development

  • The next phase for the Huntsville CN train station
  • Muskoka Heritage Place (Muskoka Pioneer Village) celebrates 50 years in Huntsville in 2008
  • Library. Add your ideas to the 2008 Review of the Huntsville Public LibraryStrategic Agenda 2005-2009 http://www.huntsvillelibrary.net/strategic_agenda.shtml
  • Community Archives

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Community and Environmental Improvement

Medical Recruitments

  • Encourage more doctors to relocate to the area
  • Expand the local medical school
  • Encourage development of bio-farming and other leading edge medical research and development;
  • Encourage “for profit medicine” (like cosmetic surgery) to develop in the area

Attracting High Tech

  • Develop incubator sites
  • Expand broadband coverage by establishing wi-fi hot spots at all Community Centres

District Wide Initiatives

  • Lobby for provincial Northern Ontario status
  • Develop a regional public transport system (to move students to campus plus transport the public who work or need medical treatment in other centres)
  • District wide tourism initiatives and economic development

Post Secondary Education Facility

  • Support the development of a university/college satellite campus
  • Establish a culinary school; generate more outdoor sports opportunities like skate parks and water parks; promote snowmobiling and other winter activities
  • Attract and retain youth

Business Support

  • Advance studies to Business Retention and Expansion
  • Encourage business programs at local colleges and universities, work with a college/university to track retail sales and vehicle traffic as a predictor of business performance

New Industries

  • Attract new entertainment industries like NASCAR, paint ball fun centres
  • Attract casino, sports businesses like dirt bike riding or dog racing as well as traditional manufacturers for specialty needs


  • Encourage the location of federal or provincial government offices that allow for well paid year round jobs
  • Become an outsourcing centre for certain government services

International Events

  • Leverage the world class facilities in Muskoka to host – not only the Half Iron Man Competition and the Pond Hockey competition – but also other events like lacrosse, speed skating and cross country skiing.